Release Notes Version 8.0.0 [April 2016] - 8.0.2

8.0.0 [April 2016]

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Note: Not all features available for CRM 4.0.

For instructions on out how to update, see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Cloud) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution). 

This release includes a few new features that we are releasing as BETA previews. BETA features are in their first iteration and may encounter issues when used at scale in production, so we would love to hear your feedback on how well they work for you and if you encounter any specific issues with these features. To provide feedback on the BETA features included in this release, you can submit a support request. Please provide our team with as much detail as possible – screenshots, error messages, and any other information will be very helpful as we finalize these features for upcoming releases.

  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA See a list of participants in each campaign automation on a new tab in the builder. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA Stop, pause, and resume specific participants of a campaign automation. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA See a list of campaign automations each contact/lead has run through or is currently active in. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA View a timeline of each participant in a campaign automation. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature CRM 2016 Compatibility ClickDimensions is now compatible with CRM 2016. Please let our support team know if you are on CRM 2016 so that we can provide you with the new solution file. Solution
  New Feature Drag and Drop Social Links There is a new content block in the drag and drop editor for putting links to your social sites using icons. Options include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and your blog. Read More. Cloud


  Improvement API

Added the ability to manipulate image manager folders and images. With some of your own development, you can use our API to migrate images and folders from an old system, or have an integration with an outside resource/image library. Read More.

  Improvement Campaign Automation

Send Email action now has an option to select a specific Email CNAME. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Campaign Automation

The save button in a series now saves the entire automation. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Campaign Automation

On the Send Email action an Email Address field was added so you can choose if you want your emails to go to the Email Address 1, 2, or 3 field of the contact/lead. Read More.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Campaign Automation

There is now the option to use a negative branch on an Email Interaction entry point.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Drag and Drop Editor

Set styles of hyperlinks for a block in the block's Styles tab. Read More.

  Improvement Drag and Drop Editor

In the styles tabs you can now style the color of bulleted and numbered lists. Read more.

  Improvement Email Send

In the status bar we've added a status of Recovery Stopped so that if an email is in recovery for over 3 hours and it has stopped trying to recover, you know you can resend the email. Read More.

  Improvement Email Send

ClickDimensions will now automatically save the Email Send record when you press send.

  Improvement Event Participation

Updated the "Event Participation Associated View" to have the "Event" column.

  Improvement Forms

Optimized the scripts to help the forms load faster on your site.

  Improvement Hyperlink Manager

Added a phone tab. The phone number connected to the link will automatically be called if you click on the link in an email on your phone, or will use Skype/Google Hangout/etc. if you click on the email on your computer. Read More.

  Improvement Image, Document, and Layout Managers You can now see the space your account has available for images, documents, and layouts. Cloud
  Improvement Metadata Error Screen

Updated the error screen if you receive a Metadata error to give more information to help resolve.

  Improvement Microsoft Data Center

Microsoft added a new CRM Online data center in India. We have added support for this.

  Improvement SendAPIRequest

We increased the timeout window to the maximum for this request. So that it should not timeout as often as it does. This would happen with workflow emails, update marketing list workflow assembly, or sending an sms via a workflow sometimes.

  Improvement Social Sharing

Improved the design of the social sharing icons in the Drag and Drop editor. Read More.

  Improvement Subscription Page

There is now an option to add a captcha to subscription forms. Read More.



  Bug Fix 26114 Campaign Automations Lookups to Campaign Automations didn't work on Email Sends, Posted Forms, and Email Events. Solution
  Bug Fix 59008 Campaign Automations Could not resume a paused Campaign Automation that started with an Email Interaction entry point. Cloud
  Bug Fix 56212 Email CNAMEs The "Test CNAME" button was unable to connect to some valid CNAMEs. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9087 Email Sends A render error was caused by the presence of "Recipients." or "Recipient." in an Email Template's text. Cloud
  Bug Fix 20288 Email Sends Links set with a URL that contains an apostrophe were breaking when sent. Cloud
  Bug Fix 26357 Email Sends Links inside of the microsite version of test emails sent by Azuresend were going to blank pages. Cloud
  Bug Fix 42253 Email Sends Microsite links did not work in test emails sent by Azuresend. Cloud
  Bug Fix 57911 Email Sends Email Sends sent as a Split Test had a 99 character limit for Subject Lines. Solution
  Bug Fix 58515 Email Sends Sending a Test Email from an Email Send that has an Email CNAME was throwing a ValidationException error. Solution
  Bug Fix 18420 Email Templates When using Internet Explorer, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V were not working consistently in the Free Style Editor's source view or in HTML Blocks/Components. Cloud
  Bug Fix 19314 Email Templates If no background color was set in an Email Template created with the Free Style Editor, there was an extra space at the top of the template. Cloud
  Bug Fix 36425 Email Templates For templates created with the Drag & Drop Editor, all words styled with Heading 1 or Heading 4 would wrongly begin with a capital letter in the HTML Content iFrame on Email Template and Email Send records. Cloud
  Bug Fix 44114 Email Templates The Paste as Plain Text tool was not always pasting as plain text. Cloud
  Bug Fix 49656 Email Templates It was not possible to view a Free Style template's source code in Edge browser. Cloud
  Bug Fix 54047 Email Templates When using the Drag & Drop Editor in Internet Explorer, Ctrl+V was inserting an extra "v" on the first paste, and two copies of the same content on subsequent pastes. Cloud
  Bug Fix 57723 Email Templates The Free Style Editor's default font settings showed Arial 11px, but actually used Times New Roman 16 by default. Cloud
  Bug Fix 62362 Email Templates In the Drag & Drop Editor, Header line spacing settings were not being applied. Cloud
  Bug Fix 59012 Eventbrite Connector Event Participations' Registration Status was always "Attended" even if the registrant did not attend. Solution
  Bug Fix 63135 Eventbrite Connector Connector was not syncing all Event Participations. Cloud
  Bug Fix 7906 Forms Posted Fields generated by a File Upload component were not being associated to the Lead/Contact that submitted the Form. Solution
  Bug Fix 25439 Forms A Form Field's font color would revert to #000000 when its properties window was opened in the Form Designer. Cloud
  Bug Fix 44007 Forms Form submissions were causing updates to occur on non-mapped Lead/Contact fields. Solution
  Bug Fix 56291 Forms The widget embed code was not pulling in JavaScript included in the Form's Code Editor. Cloud
  Bug Fix 58942 Forms Changes to a Form Field's font style and font size were not being applied. Cloud
  Bug Fix 7890 Heat Map URLs containing non-encoded special characters was breaking the Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 11835 Heat Map Heat Map was not showing percentages for links that contained a #. Cloud
  Bug Fix 41794 Heat Map In the Click Heat Map for emails sent as a Split Test, the B Version would show no percentages if a mailto link was included in that version's template. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53064 Heat Map Phone links beginning with tel:// were breaking the Click Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 43716 Heat Map Opening the Click Heat Map for an Email Send that was sent by a Nurture Program was throwing an "Email Template does not exist" error. Solution
  Bug Fix 45223 Import Tool Existing Leads and Contacts were not being added to the specified Marketing List when "Do Not Map Anything" was also selected. Solution
  Bug Fix 46928 Import Tool Deactivated Leads and Contacts were being reactivated when included in an import. Solution
  Bug Fix 24751 Inbox Preview Some of the previews were not loading, and would give an error when clicked. Cloud
  Bug Fix 20500 Inbox Preview Mobile previews were not able to scroll. Cloud
  Bug Fix 59352 Plugin AddMembersList plugin was throwing an error when adding a nameless Lead, Contact, or Account to a Marketing List. Solution
  Bug Fix 62497 Plugin A business process error was thrown when adding a nameless Lead, Contact, or Account to a Marketing List Solution
  Bug Fix 57108 RSS Connector The RSS Connector was unable to connect to some valid RSS URLs. Cloud
  Bug Fix 45245 Scoring Opportunity scores were being dropped when the Total Score was updated due to any other scored action. Cloud
  Bug Fix 29789 Sent Emails The "From Email" field on Sent Email records was sometimes empty. Solution
  Bug Fix 8101 Subscription Pages Changes to the "Unsubscribe All" component's font weight were not applied. Cloud
  Bug Fix 32068 Web Analytics If a custom score was set as "cdScore=0" on a specific web page, the score for that Page View was actually the score form score settings instead of 0.
To fix this, you must replace the tracking script on your site with the updated version in ClickDimensions Settings > Tracking Script.
Cloud/Tracking Script Change
  Bug Fix 43881 Web Analytics Visits and Page Views were recording the Edge Browser as Chrome. Cloud
  Bug Fix 8054 Web Content CAPTCHA slider was not working on mobile devices. Cloud
  Bug Fix 26785 Web Content There was a typo in the error message that appears when you try to set a Custom URL that has already been set for a different piece of Web Content. Cloud
  Bug Fix 49634 Web Content The _clde parameter was case-sensitive in Web Content links. Cloud
  Bug Fix 54286 Web Content Web Content for customers in the AU Data Center was taking a long time to save. Cloud
  Bug Fix 13432 WebEx Connector Event Participations' Registration Status was not populating correctly. Solution
  Bug Fix 29190 WebEx Connector Event records created by the WebEx connector were not switching to "Past" status after the Event was over. Solution


  Change Drag and Drop Editor What used to be labeled "Social Links" is now labeled "Social Sharing" and there is the new feature "Social Links" that links directly to your pages. Cloud
  Change Event We changed the Name field on the Event entity to not be read only so that manually added events could be created. Solution

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

Security Role Updates

See the full article on Security Role settings here.

There were no updates to our security roles. 

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

Here is the current list of IP Addresses you may need to unblock to allow ClickDimensions to work.

There a new IP Address for Nurtures on the Australian data center:

8.0.1 [April 2016]

  Bug Fix   Email Send When choosing an Email Template the subject, editor type, and email CNAME were not autopopulating. Solution

8.0.2 [April 19, 2016]

  Bug Fix 64728 Campaign Automations On the Lead entity, the list of Campaign Automations page was giving an error. The reference was fixed. Solution


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