Release Notes Version 8.1.0 [July 2016]

8.1.0 [July 2016]

AU Data Center: Cloud - July 5, 2016; Solution - July 6, 2016
US Data Center: Cloud - July 10, 2016; Solution - July 11, 2016
EU Data Center: Cloud - July 31, 2016; Solution - August 1, 2016

Note: Not all features are available for all versions of CRM.

For instructions on out how to update, see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Cloud) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution). 

This release includes a few new features that we are releasing as BETA previews. BETA features are in their first iteration and may encounter issues when used at scale in production, so we would love to hear your feedback on how well they work for you and if you encounter any specific issues with these features. To provide feedback on the BETA features included in this release, you can submit a support request. Please provide our team with as much detail as possible – screenshots, error messages, and any other information will be very helpful as we finalize these features for upcoming releases.


  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA Decision Node: Use Contact and Lead entity fields to make decisions. This also allows multiple series to be attached to any trigger or series. Read more.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA Decision Node: Will now have checkmarks beside each clause allowing for deletion and grouping in AND and OR. Any existing Campaign Automations with clauses under "must meet all conditions" will automatically be grouped in an AND, and any in the "must meet at least one of the following conditions" will automatically be grouped in an OR. Read more.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Campaign Automation

BETA Statistics Tab: Conversion rates are now shown on each node. This will show the number and percentage of total participants that went through each series and triggered each trigger. Read more

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Campaign Automation

Clone Campaign Automations. The cloned one will be a draft version of the one you cloned. Read more.

  New Feature Edge Browser Compatibility

ClickDimensions is now compatible with the Edge browser.

  New Feature Email Device Statistics

Now see Desktop vs Mobile opens and what email client or browser was used to view the email. In the Email Send there is an Email Stats button that opens a window with tabs for all the statistics.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  New Feature Surveys & Subscription Pages

Code Editor added to the survey and subscription page editors. 

  New Feature Validate FreeMarker

BETA In the Drag and Drop Editor there is a new button "Validate Freemarker" that will check all of your dynamic content.



  Improvement Campaign Automation

Image Mapped URLs can now be used in an Email Interaction

  Improvement Campaign Automation

Timeline: there is a distinction between a paths the participant could go down (lighter version of the path) and the paths the participant cannot go down (grayed out version of the path). Read more.

  Improvement Campaign Automation

On Save and Publish it will check all selected Email Templates to make sure they have content.

  Improvement Campaign Automation

Deactivating the CRM CA record will set the CA to "draft" and all the individual instances to "stopped". Reactivating the record will keep the CA in "draft" and instances in "stopped".

  Improvement Campaign Automation

FreeMarker (dynamic content) is now accepted in the From Email field of the Send Email action.

  Improvement Clone

If you clone a record you will be set as the “Created By” user (it used to make it the CD dedicated user). Note: You must have the “Act on Behalf of Another User” privilege (found in the Business Management tab of security role settings) for this to work.

*Not available for SBRC customers.

  Improvement Cvent

Support for using API credentials for users without full permissions. So that you can allow only the events a specific Cvent user can see (due to their Cvent user role) into a specific CRM environment. Read more.

  Improvement Drag and Drop

Changed the top buttons to the CRM look and feel.

  Improvement Drag and Drop

Get Content from a Web Page feature will now automatically tick the "Open Link in New Window" box for the "Read More" links.

  Improvement Email Events

A recipientid parameter will be added to the URLs in emails in order to better track exactly which record you sent to.

  Improvement Email Statistics

In the email statistics graphs you will now be able to download an Excel file of all the Excluded Emails.

  Improvement Email Template & Email Send

Both will look for the "write" privilege in order to show the "Full Screen" and "Clone" buttons.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Email Template & Email Send Use FreeMarker in emails that references the Email Send fields. Read more. Cloud
  Improvement Event Participation

The Event Participation records have been updated to better reflect which fields can be populated for each connector type.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Eventbrite

Additional fields are brought into the Event Participation records with the Eventbrite connector: Organization, Cell Phone, Job Title, Work Address, Custom Questions. Read more.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Hyperlink Manager

A "Remove Link" button has been placed in the hyperlink manager for easy removal of a hyperlink.

  Improvement Import Tool

Added more fields to the import tool: Address 1: Phone, 
Address 1: Telephone 2, Address 1: Telephone 3, Address 2: Telephone 1, Address 2: Telephone 2, Address 2: Telephone 3, Mobile Phone, Business Phone, Home Phone, Telephone 3 / Other Phone.

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Posted Field

A field was added to the Posted Field CRM form - "Posted Label". This will contain the option label for the chosen response on a picklist field (list, radio, check box).

*Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Quick Send Privilege

A new privilege was added for Quick Send. You must have this privilege to use the Quick Send feature. It is automatically given to the ClickDimensions User and Service security roles

  Improvement Social Profile The social profile on the contact and lead records will automatically search when that contact/lead submits a ClickDimensions form. Cloud
  Improvement Web Content A parameter is added to the URLs for the Create New Visitor As option set on the Web Content record in order to make sure that the record will be created as it should in the rare case that the page view comes in before the posted form. Cloud


  Bug Fix 43980 Block Editor Could not insert Social Sharing buttons into a Text or HTML Block when using Chrome. Cloud
  Bug Fix 23817 Block Editor In Mac Safari, content could not be added to a Block Editor Email Template. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53511 Block Editor A table inserted inside of conditional freemarker would break the freemarker. Cloud
  Bug Fix 62361 Block Editor When using the Block Editor in Chrome, setting text to certain fonts was adding single quotes around the font name in the HTML, causing the text to render as Times New Roman in the final email. Cloud
  Bug Fix 62828 Campaign Automation You could only have up to 32 conditions in a decision node. Cloud
  Bug Fix 62888 Campaign Automation The email sent by a Notify User action following a Form Submit trigger would not contain any info from the Form Submission if there was a Decision Node between the Form Submit Trigger and the Notify User action. Solution
  Bug Fix 65170 Campaign Automation A Lead/Contact could not progress past a Form Submit Decision Node if the checked List or Radio Form Field's Option had a Label and Value that did not match. Cloud
  Bug Fix 70891 Campaign Automation A Lead/Contact could not progress past a Form Submit trigger immediately following a Series. Cloud
  Bug Fix 34345 Drag & Drop Editor Text styled with Header 1, 2, or 3 would display with squished line spacing on some mobile devices and small browser windows. Cloud
  Bug Fix 42545 Drag & Drop Editor After the first use, the spellcheck window would not show any word suggestions. Cloud
  Bug Fix 45250 Drag & Drop Editor Deleting a block would not delete any Anchors contained in that block. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53054 Drag & Drop Editor In Firefox, it was not possible to add a new value to a Divider Block's "Padding Top" and "Padding Bottom" fields. Cloud
  Bug Fix 56920 Drag & Drop Editor In mobile apps that do not support responsive emails, the text portion of "Image on Left" and "Image on Right" blocks was being squished into a narrow column. Cloud
  Bug Fix 63850 Drag & Drop Editor There was a default block-level hyperlink style, which would override any section-level hyperlink styles. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65009 Drag & Drop Editor The block-level hyperlink style's None option would force the link to have no styles, even when link styles had been set on the section-level. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9087 Email Sends If "recipient." or "recipients." was anywhere in the text of a template, it would not send. Cloud
  Bug Fix 42827 Email Sends Email Template content would not populate in Email Send generated with the Lead/Contact's "Send Email" button. Solution
  Bug Fix 66577 Email Sends Freemarker dynamic content inside of a preheader would not render in the final email. Cloud
  Bug Fix 31709 Email Stats Report The Stats Report's Bounce Graph's scale markers were crowded and overlapped. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66584 Email Stats Report In the solution file, the Email Statistics Report button was referencing a dev account key and URL rather than the customer's account key and region-appropriate URL. Solution
  Bug Fix 25547 Email Templates Link URL was removed any time the link's text style was changed. Cloud
  Bug Fix 44444 Email Templates En dashes were not automatically encoded by the Link Manager. Cloud
  Bug Fix 67976 Eventbrite The Eventbrite connector was not syncing Venue data to Event records. Cloud
  Bug Fix 59150 Events Event Participation's Registration Date, Join Time, and Leave Time values were not converted to UTC. Cloud
  Bug Fix 68991 Events The Event entity's Id field was required by default. Solution
  Bug Fix 27181 Forms The Form Field properties' color-picker tool was cut off at the bottom. Cloud
  Bug Fix 50472 Forms Form submissions were updating previously updated Leads/Contacts that previously contained a matching email address, but had since been changed. Cloud
  Bug Fix 56011 Forms Closing and reopening the Form Designer and/or its Form Field Properties windows would cause Form Fields and Components to revert to black text color and two-column width. Cloud
  Bug Fix 60530 Forms The Text Field mapping menu for Hidden Fields contained the "Do Not Allow" fields, which would break the Form when selected. Cloud
  Bug Fix 63842 Forms Submitted data would not map if the data submitted to any Form Field exceeds the character limit of the field it maps to. Cloud
  Bug Fix 63843 Forms Hidden Fields could not map to Multiples Lines of Text fields. Cloud
  Bug Fix 17653 Free Style Editor Table cells would always have a space, even if there was no other content and you tried to delete the space. Cloud
  Bug Fix 21791 Free Style Editor Text formatting was removed when setting the text to be a link. Cloud
  Bug Fix 36538 Free Style Editor The Free Style Editor's spellcheck window could not be closed in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Cloud
  Bug Fix 64109 Free Style Editor Website URL links could not be set on images using the Link Manager. Cloud
  Bug Fix 64731 Free Style Editor The Increase Indent and Decrease Indent tools did not work. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65663 Free Style Editor The Free Style Editor would automatically set the <body> font family style back to Arial after it had been changed in the source code. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66576 Free Style Editor The Table Properties window's Advanced tab was missing. Cloud
  Bug Fix 31714 Heat Map Image Map links beginning with http://www. would not show a percentage bar in the Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53063 Heat Map Links containing parameters were not showing percentages in the Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 51124 Import Tool The Import Tool was validating email addresses, which was causing some Leads and Contacts to not be imported due to the format of/character in in email address. Cloud
  Bug Fix 57088 Import Tool Spreadsheets edited on a Mac would not import. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65222 Import Tool Company Name was not populated on Leads/Contacts created or updated by the Import Tool. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65431 Import Tool The Import Tool did not create Event Participation records. Cloud
  Bug Fix 51403 Inboxcast Inboxcast emails composed in Outlook would contain broken images. Cloud
  Bug Fix 19657 Landing Page In Landing Pages built with the Block Editor, the Container Background Image wouldn't show on the live page if a Container Background Color had also been set. Cloud
  Bug Fix 64106 Landing Page HTML Block was removing all but the first line of content when reopened. Cloud
  Bug Fix 44118 Nurtures The Add to List and Remove from List properties windows could not load the third page of Marketing Lists. Cloud
  Bug Fix 50147 Nurtures Nurture Builder did not generate a scroll bar in Internet Explorer 11. Solution
  Bug Fix 56112 Nurtures Emails sent by a Nurture Program would never contain a preheader. Cloud
  Bug Fix 57085 Nurtures Adding a Lead/Contact to a Marketing List associated with a Nurture Program that has no content in its Builder would throw an internal server error and the Lead/Contact would not be added to the Marketing List. Cloud
  Bug Fix 61377 Quick Send The From User was not populated on Email Sends generated by a Quick Send. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65402 RSS to Email Could not connect to secure RSS feeds. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66998 RSS to Email Some emails sent by the RSS to Email connector would contain special character encodings, rather than the actual special characters. Cloud
  Bug Fix 64729 Split Test The Split Test Wizard did not allow you to change Version B's "From Record Owner" setting. Cloud
  Bug Fix 50307 Subscription Pages Subscription Page submissions were unnecessarily updating some Lead/Contact fields. Solution
  Bug Fix 57909 Surveys In non-responsive Surveys, an image placed beside a Survey Question would display below the Survey Question in the live Survey. Cloud
  Bug Fix 63803 Various Some window content was very wide and stretched out. Cloud
  Bug Fix 61213 Web Content Email Form Field and Email Components would reject email addresses containing an apostrophe. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66996 Web Content Web Content source code contained some unsecure HTTP references, which would cause "mixed content" warnings. Cloud
  Bug Fix 71587 Web Content Redirecting one Web Content to another Web Content that is both secure (https) and uses the $EMAIL parameter was causing the second Web Content to never finish loading. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65328 WebEx Event Participations were created with Registration Status "Attended" and subsequenty switched to "Registered." Cloud


Security Role Updates

See the full article on Security Role settings here.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
Quick Send was added and given full permissions (green circle) on Create.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
Quick Send was added and given full permissions (green circle) on Create.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

Here is the current list of IP Addresses you may need to unblock to allow ClickDimensions to work.

No IP Changes.

Plugin Changes

ClickDimensions.Crm.MsCrm2011Plugins.OpportunityPlugin:Create of opportunity
Switched from synchronous to asynchronous

ClickDimensions.Crm.MsCrm2011Plugins.OpportunityPlugin:Create of opportunity
Switched from synchronous to asynchronous


Cloud Update [July 12, 2016] - US/AU Regions Only

  Bug Fix 72507 Form Capture Posted Field Label was being required for Form Captures which was causing them to not post to CRM Cloud


Cloud Update [July 17, 2016] - US/AU Regions Only

  Bug Fix 72653 Drag and Drop Editor Image and Text blocks were pushing the email design out. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72789 Email Statistics Some accounts were getting an error when email statistics were trying to sync back. The error was "cdi_sentemailstatisticsdata attribute missing". Cloud
  Bug Fix 72473 Form Builder "Content too large" error when trying to save a form builder that had a field with many options. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72655 Landing Page When putting a form or survey in a landing page there was an error about HTTPS Cloud
  Bug Fix 73071 Landing Page Links in emails to landing pages were not loading. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72507 Posted Form Report The Posted Form Report was not loading. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72096 Social Links In Chrome, in the editors when adding social links and pressing "Insert", it was not closing the window. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72739 Subscription Pages When clicked on in emails they were not always loading. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72693 Web Content Putting any form, survey, landing page, or subscription page link in an email editor was causing an error with HTTPS. Cloud


Cloud Update [July 24, 2016] - US/AU Regions Only

  Bug Fix 73363 Email Client Statistics The client statistics were not working for CRM 2013+. Cloud


Cloud Update [August 7, 2016] - US/AU Regions Only

  Bug Fix 73733 Auto Responder Emails Links to forms in auto responder emails were not working. Cloud
  Bug Fix 73846 Microsite Links The microsite links (click here if you are having trouble viewing this email) in nurture emails were not working for some accounts. Cloud


Cloud Update [August 7, 2016]

  Bug Fix 17716 BulkSMS Connector When using the BulkSMS connector it was not stripping out characters from the phone number so if there were dashes in the phone number field for example, the SMS would not send for that record. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74121 Drag and Drop Editor Editor would not load for older email templates that had changed the line spacing attribute. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74078 Import Tool When existing contacts/leads were updated with new data and some fields in the spreadsheet were blank, it would clear out those fields in CRM. Cloud


Cloud Update [August 21, 2016] - AU Region Only

  Bug Fix 74273 Email Client Statistics Not all of the information was being calculated in the overal client statistics tab Cloud
  Bug Fix 63839 FreeMarker The gears.track FreeMarker method was not working. Cloud


Cloud Update [August 23, 2016] - EU/AU Regions Only

  Bug Fix 75907 Email Sends Sending to marketing lists of more than 5,000 was showing "You are about to send to 5000 recipients.." in the approval screen for sending an email rather than the actual number. Cloud


Cloud Update [August 24, 2016] - AU Region Only

  Bug Fix 44009 Web Tracking There was a variable in the ClickDimensions tracking script "GA" which would interfere with Google Analytics tracking script. Cloud


Cloud Update [August 28, 2016] - US/EU Regions Only

  Bug Fix 74273 Email Client Statistics Not all of the information was being calculated in the overal client statistics tab Cloud
  Bug Fix 65418 Email Send Internal anchors were not working in the EU region Cloud
  Bug Fix 63839 FreeMarker The gears.track FreeMarker method was not working. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65665 Heat Map If a link had a # in it, the percentage of clicks on that link and all links under it would not show up in the heat map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 44009 Web Tracking There was a variable in the ClickDimensions tracking script "GA" which would interfere with Google Analytics tracking script. Cloud


Cloud Update [September 11, 2016] - US Region Only

  Improvement CRM9 

Microsoft added a new region - CRM9. We've added support for this. 

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    Weston Packard

    Update: The US data center has been updated.

  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    Update: The EU data center has been updated.

  • 0
    Bernard Vixseboxse

    Can you please exclude unnecessary "assets" from the solutions like system views for Account, Lead and Contact? Dynamics CRM offers the option of "segmented solutions and patches" since the launch of Dynamics CRM 2016. This would prevent customizations from being unnecessarily overwritten, which has unfortunately happened for me with this update.

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    Paul Klewais

    Also manually checking for updates results in overwriting customization of some system views. Even when the system already was on 8.1.0.

  • 1
    Allison Macedo

    @Bernard and Paul: We'll look into this and see what we can do!

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