Web Content URL Issue Resolved

7/12/2016 9pm UTC

We are currently receiving reports that URLs for web content utilizing CNAMEs input via the Link Manager are throwing a security error that prevents the link from loading.  This is only impacting clients utilizing our AU and US datacenters and appears to be due to the link inserting as secure (https) vs. http.  Our development team is currently working on this as a critical fix and we will update here as soon as that is live. 

Below are known workarounds to ensure links included in your content be opened:

  • For clients utilizing our freestyle editors, insert the web content links via our Link Manager as normal. Then, open the ‘source code’ of the editor and remove the ‘s’ from any url leveraging your CNAME.
  • For clients working with our Drag & Drop editors, by going through our web content designer and opening the embed options you will be able to copy the http url and paste this into the content or link manager as a traditional CNAME link.  Note: This option will lose parity with the auto-population feature in forms or subscription pages. 
  • As a final workaround, the removal of CNAMEs temporarily will ensure the url is input appropriately for tracking web content. 

For additional questions or help with the workarounds above, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket to our support team. 

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    Allison Macedo


    We've uploaded a fix for this issue today. Unfortunately it will not fix the links in emails already sent. If you've inserted a link to a form or survey during this time, please reinsert these links into any templates you will use again. If it is a subscription link that was not working for you, you'll need to open the subscription page designer and click save. Then reinsert the link into the template(s).
    Please submit a support ticket if your team continues to experience any unique issues.
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