Data Sync Updated / IP Info Missing: US & EU Regions - Resolved

6pm UTC 10/10/2016

Update: The issue with our IP lookup service and Azure has been resolved.  Any data coming in today and moving forward that would normally include IP org information should be seen.  If not, please contact our Support team for additional investigation.  Thank you for the patience while we worked to resolve this issue.  

8pm UTC 10/7/2016

Earlier today our operations team noted a backlog of information waiting to be synced to clients in our US and EU regions.  Upon investigation we found an issue with one of our services that pulls in IP lookup info. The backlog has now been cleared and data should be syncing for all clients regularly.  However, we have noted that some data is missing related to IP lookups such as the name and location of IP Orgs on visits and page views.  

We have an open ticket with Microsoft's Azure team to correct the connection with our IP lookup service to begin flowing this information back in.   We apologize for any inconvenience that this missing information causes and are working diligently with Microsoft to begin pulling this information back in on future events. An update will be posted here as soon as this is corrected.   

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