Ticket Submission Outage - Resolved

10PM UTC 10/24/2016

As of last Friday, the DDoS attack was handled and no further issues with ticket submissions have been reported.  Please refer to the link below on the cause and let our support team know if you have any outstanding needs with your ClickDimensions solution. 

4:30pm UTC 10/21/2016

Our vendor is reporting ongoing DNS issues.  We will report back as we hear more.  Please feel free to call our support team if help is needed: 888.214.4228


2pm UTC 10/21/2016

Earlier today our vendor for ticket submission was impacted by a much larger DNS outage and DDoS attack on Dyn.  This impacted several major sites and resulted in an inability to submit tickets to our Customer Team.  This appears to be resolved and tickets are coming in. You can read more about the overarching issue and impact here:  We look forward to supporting you with any tickets needed moving forward.  

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