Release Notes Version 8.2.0 [October 2016]

8.2.0 [October 2016]

US Data Center: October 30, 2016
EU Data Center: November 6, 2016
AU Data Center: November 8, 2016

Note: Not all features are available for all versions of CRM.

For instructions on out how to update, see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Cloud) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution). 


  New Feature Campaign Automation Action

A new action has been added to the Campaign Automation builder - Campaign Response. Create a CRM Campaign Response record within your Campaign Automation and fill out the fields for how you want the record created. Read More.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  New Feature Email Conversion Statistics

In the Email Send records from the Email Statistics button in the ribbon, there is a new tab called "Conversions". This shows how many visits were generated from this email and how many forms were posted (forms linked directly in the email). And other related statistics. Read more.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  New Feature Posted Forms

Now map a form field to the Company Name/Parent Account field on the Contact record. It searched for accounts in CRM with the exact same name (case insensitive) and sets the lookup field to the account if it finds a match. Read More.

  New Feature Opportunity Quick Send

Opportunity records will now have the Quick Send button. You can choose any Quick Send designated Email Template. You may reference fields directly on the opportunity record with FreeMarker. The email will go to the Contact field (or the Account field if there is no Contact set). Read More.

Available for CRM 2013+ only

  New Feature Free Style Email Editor

The Check FreeMarker button has been added to the Free Style Editor. Just like the on in the Drag and Drop editor, it checks the syntax of any FreeMarker in the template and shows if there are any errors. Read More.

  New Feature Suppression Lists

Now add marketing lists of people who should NOT get an email. Even if they're on the recipient list, if they are also on the associated suppression list, they will not get the email. Read more.

Available for CRM 2011+ only



  Improvement Campaign Automation

Added to List trigger: there is an option for "Run on entire list" which, if checked before publishing the automation, will run everyone who is already on the list through the Campaign Automation right away.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Campaign Automation

Date Timer: Previously if someone reached this timer after the date/time had already passed, the Campaign Automation would fail and they would not continue. Now you have the option to stop the Campaign Automation (default) or have the participant proceed to the next step immediately. If you choose to stop it, the status will be Stopped instead of Failed.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Campaign Automation

Previously if there was a CRM Campaign associated to one of the actions/triggers and later that Campaign record was deleted from CRM, all participants who came to that action/trigger after that, would fail. We have changed this so that it moves on as if there is no Campaign associated.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Campaign Automation

Previously if there was an Email CNAME chosen on a Send Email action, and that Email CNAME record was later deleted from CRM, all participants who reached this action would fail. We have changed this so that if this happens, it will use the default Email CNAME set in ClickDimensions Settings > DNS Settings.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Email Send & Visit

All Visit records that start with a click from a ClickDimensions email will be connected to the related Email Send. There is a lookup field to the Email Send on the Visit record, and Visits is an associated entity on Email Sends.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Posted Form & Email Send

If a form is linked directly in an email and someone fills out this form, the form will now be connected to the Email Send. There is a lookup field on the Posted Form to the Email Send, and the Email Send has Posted Form as a related entity.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Posted Form & Visit

Posted Forms now have a lookup field to the Visit. This will be populated automatically with the Visit record for the visit where this Posted Form was created.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Social Sharing Facebook

The Facebook API was updated, we updated our connection to their API for social sharing.



  Bug Fix 63839 Anchor Links External anchor links set using ${Gears.track} would not send. Cloud
  Bug Fix 68240 Block Editor An "Image On Left" block would place bulleted text below the image, instead of to the right of the image. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74669 Block Editor HTTPS links were used for links to Web Content set with a CNAME. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74981 Block Editor Single quotes were removed from HTML added to an HTML Block. Cloud
  Bug Fix 67563 Campaign Automation An Email Interaction trigger would not show any negative path options if the negative path was set before the positive path. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72076 Campaign Automation A Campaign Automation would always create tasks with the same due date, even when that due date was set to depend on when the particiapnt ran through the Create Task action. Cloud
  Bug Fix 77486 Campaign Automation Decision Nodes were always lit up on Participant Timelines. Cloud
  Bug Fix 71086 Custom HTML Editor In Chrome, opening and closing the Image Manager without inserting an image would add text to the template. Cloud
  Bug Fix 27183 Drag & Drop Editor Headings would always render bold in test emails, mobile preview, and Inbox Preview. Cloud
  Bug Fix 59363 Drag & Drop Editor The Image Editor would not open on first click. Cloud
  Bug Fix 70001 Drag & Drop Editor Block-level link styles would automatically apply to all clones of that block. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75081 Drag & Drop Editor Columns would display incorrectly in the Android Gmail app. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75332 Drag & Drop Editor The Letter Spacing menu would cut off at the bottom of the editor window. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75333 Drag & Drop Editor The Letter Spacing drop-down menu contained -4 in place of -2. Cloud
  Bug Fix 76500 Drag & Drop Editor Edge-to-Edge images were horizontally compressed in the Gmail Android app. Cloud
  Bug Fix 71320 Drag & Drop Editor When using Google Chrome, text set with section-level or inline font style woudl display incorrectly in the final email. Cloud
  Bug Fix 18538 Email Editors The Link Manager would unnecessarily encode some special characters. Cloud
  Bug Fix 31742 Email Editors The Image Manager allowed users to add an image with the same name as an existing image without prompting to confirm the overwrite. Cloud
  Bug Fix 51360 Email Editors Editing a link would remove the link text styles. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9245 Email Sends Pulling an Email Template into an Email Send would not autopopulate the Subject or Editor Type. Solution
  Bug Fix 56213 Email Sends Freemarker that reaches through a lookup field would not appear in test emails. Cloud
  Bug Fix 62730 Email Sends The Email Send onLoad JavaScript would not account for "cdi_emailcnameId"/"cdi_emailcnameid" capitalization variation. Solution
  Bug Fix 76379 Email Sends Block Editor emails containing ${Gears.track} would not send. Cloud
  Bug Fix 77283 Email Statistics The Email Statistics iFrame's "Export Excluded Emails" button would not work in Chrome. Cloud
  Bug Fix 31710 Email Templates Email content would not scale consistently with Windows DPI settings. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74672 Email Templates Unicode characters in Email Template record fields would not import correctly. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75246 Eventbrite Connector Zip code did not sync to Event records. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75605 Eventbrite Connector Events were always set as Type "Other." Cloud
  Bug Fix 26675 Forms The Form Field's Contact Attribute selection count would always be 0. Cloud
  Bug Fix 63529 Forms References to deleted fields would remain in Form Field code, even after this reference was gone from the mapping menu. Cloud
  Bug Fix 73430 Forms The Form Designer's "Remove" button was always pushed down when using Dutch language. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75088 Forms Forms would not autopopulate when accessed via an email that was sent to emailaddress2. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66301 Forms Changing the User's language would remove custom fields from Form Field mapping menus. Cloud
  Bug Fix 7908 Form Capture Posted Fields generated by a Form Capture were not being associated with the corresponding Form Fields. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66974 Free Style Editor The Layout Manager window woudl not show all available layouts. Cloud
  Bug Fix 45246 Free Style Editor The lang attribute was being removed from %3CHTML%3E tags. Cloud
  Bug Fix 67740 Free Style Editor The template preview would render images containing capital letters in the filepath that had been inserted without using the Image Manager, even though these images would not render in the final email. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72091 Free Style Editor Some images' widths would sometimes be set to 0 upon closing the editor. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74255 Free Style Editor In Internet Explorer, reopening an image link's Link Manager would uncheck the "Open in New Window" checkbox. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75603 Free Style Editor Single spaces were being removed from otherwise empty table cells. Cloud
  Bug Fix 79248 Free Style Editor A User set with a non-English CRM Display Language in an account on our EU Data Center could not open the Free Style Editor. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53188 GoToWebinar Connector Events would not switch to "Past" status. Cloud
  Bug Fix 78388 GoToWebinar Connector Connector was not checking for Event Participations with a matching email address before creating a new Event Participation record. Cloud
  Bug Fix 26762 Heat Map For Split Tests, the Heat Map would show the A Version twice, without showing the B Version. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65665 Heat Map Links containing a "#" would break the Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66467 Heat Map Links containing a "+" would not show a percentage on the Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 73891 Heat Map Image Map link percentages would overlap at the top of the Heat Map. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53064 Heat Map The Heat Map would not show any percentages for Email Templates containing phone links. Cloud
  Bug Fix 78361 Import Tool When importing a list of over 800 Leads/Contacts, some duplicates were being created. Cloud
  Bug Fix 61200 Inbox Preview The Inbox Preview could only be run once witin a Internet Explorer browser session. Cloud
  Bug Fix 72508 Inbox Preview Inbox Preview previews would not scroll in Internet Explorer. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75087 Inbox Preview The iPhone mobile previews were missing from Inbox Preview. Cloud
  Bug Fix 65082 Landing Page When using the Landing Page Block Editor in Chrome, images that were wider than the Image Block would not be inserted. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75245 Lookup Windows In CRM 2016 some of the lookup window buttons were incorrectly displayed. Cloud
  Bug Fix 27247 Nurture Program A disqualified Lead's Nurture Timeline would show an error. Cloud
  Bug Fix 68986 Nurture Program FreeMarker would not render in the Subject of emails sent by a Nurture. Cloud
  Bug Fix 73151 Scoring Total Score would not update with Page View or Form Submit scores until either a click was generated or the Score Settings were re-saved and the Form re-submitted. Cloud
  Bug Fix 71607 SMS Messages Text Message reocrds generated by a Bulk Text Message would not contain Campaign or Subject values. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9670 Social Sharing Upon clicking a Twitter Social Share link, the popup would show "Social Links" in the Text to Share field. Cloud
  Bug Fix 20273 Split Test B Version emails were not using the Record Owner's information when "From Record Owner" was set to Yes. Solution
  Bug Fix 29737 Split Test The set Strategy B template was not used unless "Edit" was clicked before moving to the next page of the Split Test Wizard. Cloud
  Bug Fix 47932 Split Test When an Email Send's "From Name" and "From Email" fields contain FreeMarker, the Split Test Wizard's A and B Group selector labels would display incorrectly. Cloud
  Bug Fix 76097 Split Test The Version B "From Owner" field did not actually cause Version B emails to be sent from the recipient's owning User. Solution
  Bug Fix 66583 Subscription Page The Subscription Page CAPTCHA would always be on the left side of the page. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53695 Survey The Survey Report Export feature would not export an Excel file when using Firefox. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66976 Survey Text type Survey Question widths were inconsistent. Cloud
  Bug Fix 74280 Survey The Survey Report would not show commas submitted to a Radio Questions' "Other" field. Cloud
  Bug Fix 76378 Survey Surveys would not respect image width: 100%. Cloud
  Bug Fix 53776 Twilio Connector Text Messages sent via workflow would have Activity Status "Scheduled" after having been sent. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75242 Usage Graph The Usage Graph's "Form and Survey Post" label was inaccurate, because this graph also includes Posted Subscriptions. Cloud
  Bug Fix 62833 Web Content New Leads were not set with the CRM environment's default currency. Cloud
  Bug Fix 8091 Web Content The "Add to Marketing List" Form Action's lookup window would not display more than 5000 Marketing Lists. Cloud
  Bug Fix 45249 Web Content Deactivated Web Content was available in the Link Manager and in Form/Survey Blocks. Cloud
  Bug Fix 71455 Web Content Closing the Confirmation Text window would remove a previously set Post-Redirect URL. Cloud
  Bug Fix 29190 WebEx Connector Event records would not switch to Past status. Cloud
  Bug Fix 75082 WebEx Connector An Event record's Actual Duration field would be populated with the scheduled duration value. Cloud


Security Role Updates

See the full article on Security Role settings here. Security role updates are done for CRM 2011+ only and require a solution update.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
The ClickDimensions form for Lead and Contact was exposed to this security role.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
The ClickDimensions form for Lead and Contact was exposed to this security role.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

Here is the current list of IP Addresses you may need to unblock to allow ClickDimensions to work.

No IP changes.

Plugin Changes

No plugin changes.

8.2.1 [November 17, 2016]

  Bug Fix 81311 Campaign Automations Solution 8.2.0 prevented cloning from work. Solution

Cloud Update [November 22, 2016 - US] / [November 27, 2016 - AU & EU]

  Bug Fix 80974 Clone Cloning any record in an environment that has multiple orgs on the same domain gives a 404 error. The clone was still created. Cloud
  Bug Fix 81170 Drag & Drop Editor Image Editor replaces the session's first edited image with any subsequently edited images. Cloud
  Bug Fix 80976/ 80686 Send Email Using the Lead/Contact "Send Email" ribbon button in an environment that has multiple orgs on the same domain gives a 404 error. The Email Send was still created. Cloud


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    Update: The EU data center has been updated.

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    Update: The AU data center has been updated.

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