Dynamics 365 Compatibility with ClickDimensions

2pm UTC 2/21/2017

Our 8.4 version has been released to the US datacenter and includes Dynamics 365 on-prem compatibility connecting with our solution.  Our 8.4 release for EU/AU has been postponed from the noted dates below (2/26 and 2/28) and is slated for March.  For updates on when released, please subscribe to our announcement on 8.4 release notes here

1pm UTC 1/20/2017

We have received initial reports and uncovered a issue connecting with Dynamics 365 On-prem organizations.  Our operations team has confirmed this will be fixed with our upcoming release (which will be ClickDimensions version 8.4 - see HERE for our release notes as this is rolled out across US, EU and AU on 2/19, 2/26, and 2/28 respectively). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but look forward to providing full compatibility for Dynamics 365 on-prem organizations in the month ahead.    


2pm UTC 12/13/2016

ClickDimensions has conducted preliminary testing for compatibility with Dynamics 365 and is pleased to announce that the findings have been positive. A number of customers and partners have installed and are using the ClickDimensions solution in Dynamics 365 organizations. We are working to conduct additional tests on Dynamics 365, with full verification of compatibility expected during  Q1 2017. In our first release of 2017 we will be adding Dynamics 365 as an option when registering for the ClickDimensions solution. Currently, if you are registering a Dynamics 365 organization for a ClickDimensions solution, you can select the CRM 2016 option.

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    Matt Bridges

    Updated with region release info. 

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