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    Emily Clever

    Hi Bart,



    It's not currently possible to dynamically fill in the survey answers in an email template that references a posted survey record. You would either have to map every survey answer to individual fields on the lead or contact record via a workflow and then reference those fields in the email template using FreeMarker, or use a form instead of a survey so this mapping occurs automatically and then create the template to reference the fields updated by the form. 




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    Jonathan Kerr

    Hi Emily,

    I'm trying to do a similar thing with a form and I find it astounding that you can't do something a simple as send a confirmation email with the clients choices in.  The solution you're suggesting is totally unscalable and impracticle.

    Rather than releasing new entry points for CA's all the time perhaps it may be better to get the core functionality working first.

    Many Thanks,


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    Emily Clever

    Hi Jonathan,

    If you're using a form, the mapping occurs automatically so you should be able to implement those dynamic fields in your Email Send template pretty easily. The problem is when you are trying to accomplish this with a survey as surveys don't map to lead / contact records by default.

    I'll pass on your feedback to our development team. Alternatively, you can open a feature request for that here:

    To create a feature request all you need to do is:

    1. Log on to the ClickDimensions Help Desk (
    2. Go to Forums tab.
    3. Click the forum entitled "Feature Requests".
    4. Use the search field to verify there is no existing feature request asking for the same improvement.
    5. If none exist, click the "+New Post" in the right corner of the listed feature requests NOTE: +New Post is the only way to add a feature.
    6. Enter all pertinent information (Title, Topic, Details).
    7. Click Submit button.



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