Form Editor is not working well



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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Joris,

    If you have a question on this, it would be best to have you share your Form's designer URL with us via a support ticket: That will help us better assist you.


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    Emily Clever

    Hi Lili,

    In order to take a look at your form and what might be causing this behavior, I'd recommend opening up a ticket at One of our support agents will be able to troubleshoot with you directly.


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    Ken Champion

    Please post a solution. I am getting basically the same problem.

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    Mich Joanisse

    We're experience the same or similar problem. Please advise...

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    Lili Yan

    Solution here:

    1) Edit font size in the Source

    2) DO NOT click save under the Source mode

    3) go back to the design mode by clicking "Source"

    4) Then save.

    This helps to avoid the "Undefined" issue.

    Good luck!

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    Mich Joanisse

    Thanks for sharing Lili.

    Also worked for me - Make changes in source mode, disable source mode when done, and then click the OK button. Although not ideal, it's a good workaround.

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    Joris Vanderlinden

    We're also having this problem. Is there a fix for this issue?


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    Ken Champion

    Lili Yan's steps from Aug 8 work around the issue.

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