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    Matt Privateer

    Hi All,

    First and Foremost we want to thank you for your patience here while we work on these on-going issues.  Please know that our team is hard at work on these items.  I wanted to provide a link to a new announcement we have below that gives a bit more insight into the issues and what ClickDimensions is doing to resolve them.

    Again we apologize for any inconvenience.

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    Emily Clever

    Hi Ryan,


    Thanks for reaching out. We are currently undergoing some infrastructure changes due to the growth we've experienced lately. Our development and executive teams are working on a definite timeline for resolution, and we appreciate your continued patience on this.




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    Ryan Morin

    It's been over a week. I hope there is a resolution in the next day or two. It must be seriously impacting other customers businesses. It's disappointing. 

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    Karen Willis

    Yes, we have also been negatively impacted by this issue.  It's hard to quantify the amount of lost sales that we have experienced.  The lack of communication from ClickD has been extremely disappointing.

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    Max Williams

    Yeah, no updates on the announcement in 2 days now and now it's sounding like it may be more drawn out if it's related to "infrastructure changes". We'll see, hope it's resolved ASAP. 

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    Evelyn Menguita

    Seriously impacting us as well. CD - please communicate progress on this issue...over a week without any sort of resolution is really unacceptable.

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    Karen Willis

    We had some positive flow yesterday but we made the mistake of celebrating too soon...we have been back down again today since about 5 am.  ClickD you've got to get this figured out soon!!!

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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi all!

    Thank you for commenting or following this thread. If you are on our US data center and have experienced some delays, we do have an official statement here: We will post updates there as available so please feel free to follow that page so you can stay up-to-date on that. The latest update there is from Monday, June 19.

    We do appreciate your patience as we're working on this and apologize for the inconvenience. This is top priority for our development team and we are doing our best to resolve this as quickly as possible. If you have further questions on this, please let us know through the page I shared above, or contact your Account Manager directly.

    Thank you!

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