Campaign Automation Not Working During Delays?




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    Gia Gianakas

    Hey Max,

    I apologize that we are late on responding to this!  I wanted to check and see since the delays have been resolved, if the Campaign Automation Manual Add and Add To Marketing List Triggers are working properly now.

    Additionally, if you ever have any issues like this in the future, please don't hesitate in opening a Support Ticket so that our team can investigate.

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    Ryan Morin

    I'm having the same issues and have been told it's related to the delays. It's frustrating.

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    Max Williams

    Mine now seem to be working today, though I'm still experiencing some other more minor issues and I'm not sure if they're related to the delays or not. 

    Biggest thing is that it doesn't appear I can add the same contact/lead to two different Campaign Automations at once, which I'll have to be mindful of.

    When I hit publish on a Campaign Automation and a contact/lead is in a another one they get restarted in the 1st campaign automation whenever the 2nd one is published, and I'm not sure why. This results in them getting 2 emails (one that they've already gotten before) at the same time :/

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    Max Williams

    And now mine seems to be back to completely down again :/ 

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