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    Veronica Kyle

    Hello, Sander.

    Unfortunately, the score cannot be reset to zero. The score is calculated in our cloud, every time a "scored" action is completed, such as a Click, Page view, Posted Form, etc. 

    Deleting records in CRM will not affect or change the Total Score; it will revert back to our calculated score. If you clear or change the field, once the Contact/Lead completes a new scored action, we will add it the running total and update the field. A workaround would be to create your own custom field for a new score and set up a workflow to assign whatever scores you'd like.

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    Sander Daudey

    Hello Veronica, 

    Thank you for the explanation. So adding/removing records within CRM does not affect the calculation.

    For now I am still looking for an answer on the second part of my question and will clarify again. From the beginning of ClickDimensions untill now we have used a certain score model based on the score settings and some additional specfic scores for certain page views (based on the tracking scripts). On the 1st of september we will change this score model and also the tracking scripts. Will these new score settings only apply to new events for scoring? So if a contact has a score of 1285 points on 31th of augustus based on the old score model, will this still be 1285 points (+ the new score for the specific scored action) after the 1st of september when a new score action is completed.

    I am asking because then we can setup some new custom score fields for the previous score '1285' and get a new field in place for the actual score being 'Total score' minus 'Previous score'.

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    Seth Meranda

    We're running into a similar issue. We had CD running for 8 months and then tweaked the CD scoring. The change we made was quite large: it used to be -100 for a closed opportunity. However, that doesn't make sense for the way we're using opportunities (the only time an opportunity is closed is because of an opportunity merge). So, we've reset the closed opportunity to 0.

    Now, I want to go back and have all my contacts run through the scoring system again and update to match our more accurate scoring system. How do I do that?

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    Rickey Jolley

    Hi Seth, 

    Since the scoring is held on our side in the cloud, any changes made after the initial scoring would not be reflected. The Scoring method only looks at the value assigned, at the time the action occurred. Further, the Score field is an aggregate score. Our scoring just adds to whatever the score was previously. It is not a calculated field (ie, it does not look at the existing "scored" events and recalculate a new total). So if you delete or modify any pre-existing records that were scored, it would have no effect on that score. 

    One alternative is that you could have your CRM Admin/Partner create a custom field (calculated field) on your Lead/Contact records that will calculate a new score based on your new scoring method using the existing records (such as Visits, Page Views, Posted Forms, etc.) however, this would likely be an extremely complicated process. Please reach out to your CRM Admin/Partner for more information on this. 

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