How to either send Auto Responder or email send to non-primary email or send Email Notification to email address that isn't CRM user?

I haven't been able to find a way to do this and I think when I last asked I did not phrase the question properly.

Our company works with many outside sales people through our partners to submit leads to us. These outside salespeople are not users in our CRM, and it does not make sense for us to add them as users. However, we've been asked to email them confirmation of their submissions, and doing that manually is becoming increasingly time consuming.

I had a few ideas that would allow me to automate this, but all of them seem to have issues. 


1. Ideally, if there's a way to set up an Email Notification Action that is able to send the email notification to someone who is not a CRM user, that would be the easiest. This doesn't seem to be possible from what I can tell, and is complicated by the fact that we have multiple outside salespeople and  so there would need to be a field in the form (Rep Email) that designates which sales rep gets the email. 

2. If I can set an Action to send an Auto Responder to a non-primary email field (in our case Email 2 or Email 3) then this would work. I can't seem to find a way to send this Auto Responder email to anything but the primary email, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something. If I could do this I could just map the Rep Email form field to the Email 3 form field, as we are not using that. 

3. The only other idea I had (which is less ideal) is if there's a way to do just a normal email send to a non-primary email for the lead record then I could create a form action to add them to a marketing list that is part of a campaign automation that would automatically send them a confirmation email when they are added to the list. 


Let me know if I'm missing something, how you would recommend accomplishing this, or if I'm just doomed to keep manually forwarding out confirmation emails to the individual reps. 

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