Setting up an email alert when contact open an email multiple times




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    Suzannah Thompson

    Hi Rick,

    There is a field called 'Opens' on the Sent Email entity. You could set up a custom CRM workflow to monitor the value of this field when it changes. If the value is greater than or equal to six, you can send a notification email. 

    Opens are documented in the Email Event entity. These are visible from a Lead/Contact's related records menu.

    If you'd like this information to be displayed on the Lead/Contact record, you can customize the entity form with a sub-grid to display Open Email Event records.

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    Rick Woods

    Hi Suzannah,


    I set up the CRM workflow and it does send me an email but it only includes the Email Send Name. It needs to include the account, contact name and/or email address,so we know who is interested in that particular product. 

    I put this in the email body in the workflow:

    {Email Send(Sent Email);Account(Sent Email);Contact(Sent Email)}

    It only shows the email send, no account or contact. 

    Any Ideas?



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    Kevin Kelbe

    Hi Rick,

    Unfortunately, our support for Workflows are limited as they are a CRM function. I would recommend reaching out to a CRM resource regarding this. 

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