Form submission behaviour?




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    Suzannah Thompson


    Your understanding is correct. We would only associate the Posted Form with the existing Contact. We would not create an additional Lead. You may want to consider using another entity - like an Opportunity or Activity instead.

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    Hi Suzannah, thanks for getting back to me. That's a shame. Since CRM allows leads to associated with known contacts it would be great if CD worked the same way.

    How would I go about using another entity?

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    Kevin Kelbe

    Hi Mark,

    You would need to create a CRM Workflow that creates a new entity, such as an Opportunity or Activity, when a Posted Form has been created that was from the Form in question. If you have any questions regarding the intended functionality of ClickDimensions Forms please do not hesitate to open a ticket by emailing Additionally, your CRM resource should be able to assist in creating the mentioned Workflow.

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