Changing default font styles in Email?



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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Jan,

    In the first text/html block of your email, you should be fine to include a <style> tag and any CSS styles that need to apply to the bulk of your email content. As is standard, any inline styles that you use within specific blocks or sections of content within the email would take precedence over your CSS.

    Also, I wouldn't use a blank block at the beginning of your email to hold a <style> tag as it currently seems to collapse that block down since the only content in it is the <style>. You would want a block to have the <style> and then some text/image content as well.

    Thank you!

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    Jan Wemmel

    Hi Carolynn,

    thanks a lot for that quick (and helpful) reply

    just one more question: Are there any aspects that would count against putting the <style> elements on top of everything else in an otherwise empty block (aside from better not defining borders on <td>)? I don't mind one invisible element on top of the email if it makes editing all those blocks that follow easier in the end. On the other hand if there are email client that can't handle non-inline styles it would be a bit of a drawback






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