Changing default font styles in Email?


I'm using the block editor for writing Emails in CD

Why the block Editor? Company request, as it's theoretically WYSIWYG and usable for the less tech-savvy colleagues.

Problem is: The company I'm working for has some rather strict guidelines on how the emails should be formatted (certain background and text colors, different link color, non-serif font types, etc. Nothing a small set of CSS styles couldn't handle but I have yet to find a way to set those parameters as default for a given template.

Right now my colleagues write text, mark it, change font style, change font color, change font size, ... and go into the HTML code for changing the link color) for every single paragraph...

I've tried it that way:

Load my stylesheet into Dreamweaver, Prepare the individual blocks in Dreamweaver, use a CSS inliner to convert my CSS styles into inline styles (making them easily digestible for email clients) and copy the whole thing into the HTML part of the block.

Both approaches are a real pain to use not to mention time consuming.

Is there any better and easier way?





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