Why does the lead owner go to "Click Dimensions System"




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    Rickey Jolley

    Hi Lourie, 

    Adding to Craig's response, if you have a Workflow running and it is related to a ClickDimensions entity's processes, it could cause a "race condition" where some information may be updated inconsistently. For this reason, a 5-10 second wait condition is always a good idea. 

    If this does not improve the behavior, I would encourage you to open a Support Ticket here: http://support.clickdimensions.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Our Technical Support agents would likely need to look into your CRM to assess the issue more accurately for questions more technical in nature than a "How-To."


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    Craig Heier

    What do you mean by "automate" ownership to Sales?  Assigned through the campaign automation builder tool or with a workflow?

    If it was with a workflow, always give a 5-10 second wait condition to any workflow that is triggered by the creation of a ClickD custom entity or entities created by ClickD (such as leads from a form submission) to allow ClickD internal processes to finish before manipulating the data.

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