Emails with links to URLs & Dynamic Parameters




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    Dave Wyers

    Ok to answer my own question I have made some progress.

    It appears that the page was not rendering as the blank quote marks were confusing the HTML in the link as the web address is already in quote marks.

    for example: <a href="">

    So in the source code view the Freemarker tag needs to be changed

    from: ${[0]!""}

    to: ${}

    This then renders correctly.

    It should be noted that the system also appends some ClickD values to the link which appear to be the email and contact GUIDs

    But all sorted now.

    Hope this helps someone else.


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    Dave Wyers

    There is a CD blog post that covers personalised links and the render problem but didn't mention parameters so I missed it. 

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    Rickey Jolley

    That's correct, Dave. The [0]!"" part of the Freemarker code is not required, and is there as a sort of "fail safe," allowing you to insert a default text in the event that the field being referenced does not have a value. 

    Further, the ClickDimensions parameters that you highlighted in your screenshot are added during the Email Send are for Tracking purposes. 

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