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    Rickey Jolley

    Hi Krystal, 

    If the response code says Stopped, the only way to trigger this response would be to manually stop the Campaign Automation using the Stop button after publishing or possibly if the ClickDimensions Workflows and Plugins were deactivated, at which time the participants who completed the Campaign automation would still have the label  Completed but the Participants still running through would have the label Stopped.

    You may need to check the ClickDimensions Plugins and Workflows and ensure they are configured correctly:

    Navigate to "Settings > Processes > All Processes" and scroll until you see a cluster of workflows that begin with "ClickDimensions". Please make sure that they are all activated and assigned to the service user.

    Navigate to "Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Sdk Message Processing Steps". Once there, scroll until you see a list of plugins that begin with "ClickDimensions" and ensure that they are all enabled.

    If anyone reading this runs into a similar situation, I would encourage you to open a support ticket so that one of our team members may resolve this with you directly. You can open a support ticket here:

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