Lead record (occasionally) not populating with data from programmatic post

About 8 months ago we set up form captures and have been programmatically posting the form data to ClickDimensions (capturing the data with JavaScript and posting it using PHP curl).  All was functioning fine until roughly 2 months ago when two issues started to occur:

  1. Notification workflow sending an email with only the lead's email address

  2. Less frequently, the lead record not populating with the form data (except email)


With regard to the first issue, we added a short wait period to the workflow before sending the email to give the data more time to populate.  This appears to have resolved it.

Occasionally, however, the lead record is still not populating with the form data (except for email address).  This is rather infrequent, but when it does happen, there are usually a few leads created around the same time that have the issue.

Here are two additional facts about the situation:

  1. Even when the lead records are blank except for email, the Posted Form record associated with the lead does have all of the form data.

  2. The code on the website-end hasn't changed since the initial setup.


Is there any reason you can identify as to why the system might fail to populate the fields in the lead record when the Posted Form has the complete data?  

Outside of email address, are there any variables CD uses from the posted data that could cause the mapping fail?  The website also sends the CD visitor key in the curl post.

I'm struggling to see what could be causing the issue from the website-end when the Posted Form record has the complete data and is associated with the blank lead record.

Thank you in advance for any insight!

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