Not able to see split test results during testing.




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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Ashley,

    We recently made some updates to the ClickDimensions cloud solution so could you clear the cache in your browser? You may need to hard clear the cache (Ctrl+F5) or delete the cookies in your browser. Once you've done so, please try accessing the Statistics again.

    Thank you!

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    Allison Fierce

    Hello Ashley, 


    ClickDimensions Users are able to view statistics for a Split Test before the winner has been chosen. 

    That particular error message typically indicates a connectivity issue. I was able to review your account and identify a few error messages that may indicate an issue with your connection. We strongly encourage you to open a ticket regarding the connection issues your account is currently experiencing. 

    For any other forum users who want to check their account for errors, there is a tool under Settings > ClickDimensions Settings called "Error Trace". To use this tool, open the window, select the "Connection" tab, and search for errors in the last week. If you see several error messages returned for that search, our technical support team and your IT team can work together to resolve these. 

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