Participants who get a status of Failed with Campaign Automation



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    Braylon Morrison

    Hello Liz,


    Unfortunately, at this time there no way to create a report or view that shows the participants have failed in a Campaign Automation  You can submit a feature request to our team.

    Feature requests can be submitted through the Feature Request Forum at


    To create a feature request all you need to do is:


    1. Log on to the ClickDimensions Help Desk (
    2. Go to Forums tab.
    3. Click the forum entitled "Feature Requests".
    4. Use the search field to verify there is no existing feature request asking for the same improvement.
    5. If none exist, click the "+New Post" in the right corner of the listed feature requests NOTE: +New Post is the only way to add a feature.
    6. Enter all pertinent information (Title, Topic, Details).
    7. Click Submit button.

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