Newbie question about tracking


We currently use ClickDimensions in Microsoft Dynamics (CRM). I set up the tracking code on our website, and we are collecting data. However, most of it is anonymous. We are only able to connect this anonymous data with a user when we send out a newsletter campaign – and they click.

Obviously the data collection is spotty at best, because we are relying on the fact that the users will click into a newsletter. Not to mention that we have to wait a long time for users' data to be synced with this method.

Is there a way we can ditch the newsletter campaign and instead use a script within our checkout process on our website (so users will be linked to their data immediately)? The catch is that we cannot use a ClickDimensions form; our form is part of checkout and cannot be replaced.

I am hoping there is a simple script I can paste somewhere which will take care of this issue. I found this example:

<a onclick=”cdAnalytics.trackLink(‘http://tomatogardens.org/howtomaketomatosauce.pdf’,’Link to Tomato Sauce Recipe’)” href=”http://tomatogardens.org/howtomaketomatosauce.pdf”>Tomato Sauce Recipe</a>

Source: http://help.clickdimensions.com/tracking-links-to-files/

Would using that onClick on our external form be the solution, or is there another way?

Thanks for your time and attention. Sorry for being such a n00b.  : )



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