Lead & Contact with same Visitor Key?



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    Gia Gianakas

    Hey Daniel,

    We apologize for the delay on this response!  When you Qualify a Lead through CRM and it turns into a Contact, that information is kept/copied over to the new Contact, so when the once-Lead, now-Contact revisits your site, submits a Form, and so on, they are still identified by the same Ip/key and Email combination. 

    If you have an Lead AND a Contact with identical information that was not a result of qualification, then the information that would be populated upon visit and associated would be, in a sense, random-- meaning it could be on either the Lead or the Contact, but there are so many variables that would determine which, it could be different with every event (submission, visit, etc.), so it's always good to curate your lists!  :)

    I hope that helps!  Let us know if you have any additional questions concerning this!

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    Daniel M

    So if I manually move a key from a Lead to a contact, I should remove the key from the lead so it does not populate it randomly?

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