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    Matt Bowersox

    Hello Bill,

    Currently the only CAPTCHA option we provide in our ClickDimensions Forms is our default CAPTCHA Component and there's not a way to switch that with a different outside sourced CAPTCHA. I understand that you are concerned issues with hard coding, so you might be able to make the necessary customizations to our CAPTCHA by targeting it in the Code Editor's CSS in the Form Designer.  However, that is something you would need to attempt on your end as we do not provide support on custom coding. 

    Code Editor

    On the other hand, if you're wanting to use an outsourced CAPTCHA, (like Google's) then it might be best to use an outsourced form instead and then use alternate CAPTCHA there if you're able.  This would allow for you to control the CAPTCHA's design more and customize it's configuration to your code. If you're able to target the CSS of our CAPTCHA Component, it might end up being more work on your end so the Form Capture option would be a better option.

    Form Capture articles: 
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    •Integrating Forms using Form Capture:

    If you are unhappy with either of those solutions, please open a Support Ticket here for a Support Agent to further troubleshoot.

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    Bill Pinto


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