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    Veronica Kyle

    Hello, Amanda. 

    We have a great blog article here that explains how you can set up a timed re-direct. It shows how to insert a meta tag to the Confirmation Text page's head in the source code where you can indicate the time to wait before it automatically goes back to the designated page. 

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    Amanda Brunish

    Hi Veronica -


    This works great except (and it does this if I place a URL in the next) the redirect creates a page within the former page like below.  How do I prevent this from happening?

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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Amanda,

    If you're embedding your form as an Iframe, you could reference the suggested setup shown here: I believe that would help accomplish what you're describing.

    Thank you!

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    Amanda Brunish

    This worked except it removes the confirmation page completely - the user hits "submit" and it reloads the form I believe it would look like an error to the user. :(

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