"To" Field in Text Message Activity


I'm trying to figure out whether I'm doing something wrong, I need to customise something (which may or may not be possible), or if I have found a bug.

In CRM, when a user creates a new Activity record (phone call, email, letter etc.) from a contact record, both the "Regarding" and the "To" lookup fields are populated with that contact by default. This allows the user to send that form of communication to the Contact, without having to populate any sort of recipient field.

Click Dimensions appears to use some of that functionality for SMS, in that you are able to add a new type of activity called "Text Message", which is great.

However, when adding a new Text Message Activity record from a contact, only the "Regarding" lookup field is populated - not the "To" field.

This means that the user needs to populate that field themselves, which can be rather frustrating due to the lookup being able to search for all kinds of records, so there could be several records with similar names in the database.

Is there any way to force the "To" field to default to the same contact as the "Regarding" field when a new Text Message record is created in this way? I have tried to create a business rule on the form to accomplish this, but the "To" field is missing from the fields that are able to be selected.

Thanks in advance.

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