Alt text for Tracking Pixel



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    Emily Clever

    Hi Max,

    That pixel is located in our .js file, so it's not editable.

    That being said, deliverability tools typically offer guidelines instead of hard-and-fast rules. We use SpamAssassin, and in our research, Email Sends with a spam score under 3.0 shouldn't cause a dramatic difference in deliverability. 



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    Ard Bisschop

    I was about to log this change request as well, when I saw Max already posted this.

    Please do consider adding an alt attribute to the pixel tracking.

    You can say it "only" adds 0.50 to your spam rating, but for us it is hard to accept that the marketing tooling we use negatively contributes to our spam rating.

    And how much effort is it to add alt "" to a javascript?

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