Web form posts back to the wrong contact instance in CRM


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    Suzannah Thompson

    Hi Asmund,

    ClickDimensions operates in conjunction with Microsoft's intended design that the email address be used as the unique identifier for records and that a single Lead or Contact record represents a single person. While you can set up customizations for CRM duplicate detection rules to circumvent this logic, ClickDimensions adheres to this principle and our system is designed to try to avoid creating duplicating records. This is because when duplicate records exist, it can cause problems with data mapping back to the desired record, as is the case here. Our system will only query the email address, so it will map or relate data to whichever record with that email address it returns first. Because of this, we do not recommend having more than one record with the same email address. You may want to consider using another entity - like an Opportunity or Activity - instead.

    As I mentioned, while you can customize your duplicate detection rules in CRM, I do think that it's worth noting that Microsoft recommends keeping clean data as well. 

    "To maintain the integrity of your data, it’s a good idea to have rules in place to reduce duplicate records in the system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes default duplicate detection rules for accounts, contacts, and leads...We recommend that you set the duplicate detection criteria on a field that has unique values, for example, Email."


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