Web form posts back to the wrong contact instance in CRM

We are working on a newsletter to our 30 000 members. The newsletter includes a link to a ClickDimensions webform where the members are supposed to update some values on their CRM contact card.

Here is our problem: Many of our members are registered several times as contacts in CRM. (Several instances of the same person). This has up to now not been a problem, since we can use filters and relationships to make sure that we use and update the right instances. But it seems that the web forms in ClickDimensions only use e-mail address as a key into the contact list when it posts back the data to CRM. Since there are several contact instances with the same e-mail address, my tests show that it will not always be the contacts in the marketing list used for the newsletter distribution that are updated.

Do you have any solutions to this problem? To make the e-mail addresses unique is unfortunately not an option for us.

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