Email interactions within a campaign automation


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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Rob,

    An Email Interaction trigger can be used as the Entry point to a Campaign Automation or as a trigger in the middle of a Campaign Automation.

    When used as an Entry point, a bulk Email Send must be setup containing all the recipients that you would like to be part of the Campaign Automation. Once that is setup and ready to send, you can publish the Campaign Automation and the Email Send will go out, effectively starting the Campaign Automation.

    If your Campaign Automation has a Send Email action in it, then following that action (when an email is sent to a participant), you can have an Email Interaction trigger to monitor each participants' interactions from that Send Email action. In that case, you would only be supplying the Send Email action with an Email Template since the Campaign Automation would be building the Email Send for you in order to send the email to the recipient.

    We detail more on that trigger here but I do want to mention that we have training sessions available on Campaign Automations which you can register for here. Those would help you by showing you the features for the triggers/actions, as well as giving examples of Campaign Automation processes.

    Thank you,

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