Email Send Events - What Presents on the Report?




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    Suzannah Thompson

    Hi Kelli,

    Some Marketing List members could have been excluded, so they would have an Excluded Email record, instead of Email Event records.

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    Kelli Miller

    what about a simple "delivered" for all the contacts receiving the email send successfully?

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    Emily Clever


    What report are you referring to? We do have an Email Event type of "delivery," which is created when ClickDimensions receives confirmation from the recipient’s mail server that the email has been accepted for delivery. Are you running an advanced find on Email Events? 

    If you don't see Deliver Email Events, it's most likely because we turned the syncing off in order to save storage space in CRM. Normally, when syncing is turned on for that, you will see those Email Events created for Email Send recipients.

    May be best to open a ticket with our support team so we can address this with you directly.


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