Mapping of form fields for leads rather than contact record - for using campaign automation.


I have a certain scenario where we have lead records (where the email might match an existing contact record) and we want to run a campaign automation against them which involves an email with a link to a web form.

We want to send out a email with a web form for the lead to complete - but we want the posted form fields data to match back against the lead (rather than the contact record with the same email).  Is this possible???

I have tried setting the mappings of the form to only go to a lead record, but when the posted form comes back in it still matches to the contact rather than the lead record that the email was generated from.  So the fields in the lead record are not being populated.

I do understand that Click D runs on the whole idea that leads won't have the same email addresses as a contact record in the CRM, but that's just not feasible/practical - & Click D doesn't map to opportunities in CRM.  But I need to get around this somehow.....

Do you know of a workflow example where the posted form field data could be posted against the matching lead field regardless if there is a contact record with the same email address.


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