Getting Blacklisted When Sending to Large Accounts



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    Veronica Kyle

    Hello, Kelli.

    Our Operations Team makes sure to promptly request removals from blacklists, but sometimes it can take a few days for the blacklist provider to process that request. As a result, it would be difficult to strategize a way to stagger a bulk Email Send. But if you are interested in this capability, there are a couple of existing Feature Requests here and here. You are welcome to vote and/or comment on these requests. 

    In the meantime, once the IP address has been delisted, you should be able to try sending to those same recipients again. You can use Advanced Find to look for Contacts. On the Related Menu, select "Email Events (Contact)". Then choose Email Send Equals "Email Send Subject X", Type Equals Soft Bounce, Message Contains ... (include a keyword of the message related to the Soft Bounce Message). Add the resulting list of Contacts to a Marketing List that you'd attach to a cloned Email Send. See an example below.


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