Email Send Time based on User Location




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    Kelly Sullivan

    Hey Donal,

    We understand the value of delivering an email at the appropriate time in order to achieve the best email engagement results. So, you can always schedule your Email Send to go out at a time that fits your audiences location and include a marketing list that would fit that specific time zone, or time of send. This could be dyanamic marketing list based on your contacts/leads locations. You could also utilize Suppressed Marketing List for those you do not want to reach out to, or perhaps those that do not fit the time zone/location you're looking to reach out to. This help article goes into detail about setting up Suppression List in your Email Send.

    Now with this being said, you wouldn't necessarily need to have separate Subscription List associated to the different regions/locations you're sending to. The key thing to remember about Subscription List is you can have multiple marketing list associated to a Subscription List. But you would want to be mindful in setting up your Email Sends and the marketing list you will want to target and the marketing list you will wont to exclude. 

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    Donal McCarthy

    Hi Kelly,

    I should of course have asked  'do we have to create a marketing list for each send time' and not subscription list.

    Thanks for confirming that for me.

    I will add my dynamic email send idea as a feature request.


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