Marketing Lists and Subscription Lists




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    Allison Fierce

    Hello Gagandeep,

    We do recommend the process Tamara has described here where you maintain a Marketing List with the recipients, like the board of Directors, for each topic about which you intend to send them emails, like Newsletters, Events, and Reports is our recommended process.

    When you are preparing to send a Clickdimensions email you would:

    1. determine the topic of your email

    2. determine the recipients you want to receive the email

    3. locate the Marketing list that contains those recipients that is associated to that topic/subscription list

    4. attach that list to the Email Send


    If you would like to make a request to change how the subscription management process currently works, we welcome you to do so on our feature request forum at:


    Allison F.

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    Tamara Gielen

    I am trying to do something similar and so far what I found is that I will have to create a separate marketing list for each subscription list - even though it targets the exact same group of people

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