crm override on forms

A question regarding the CRM override option on the forms.


An short example to see if I understand how this works and then a few questions.


A form is created that captures first name, last name, email address and organisation. These fields are mapped into relevant contact fields in CRM.


The CRM override option is ticked.

If a user completes this form, and they can be located already in CRM then the fields they have completed in the form will overwrite what we currently have on their contact record.

If the user cannot be located in CRM or if it can locate more than one record, then it will create a new contact record.


  1. Have I understood how this option works?
  2. Am I right to think that if the process locates more than 1 potential match for a contact record, it will create a new one. If not, how will it decide which record to use?
  3. Does this process match on email address only? Can we control how contacts are matched?


The issue we have is that we suspect our click dimensions forms are responsible for lots of duplicates and want to minimise that. The issue we have is that email address in our CRM is not a unique field. A person could have multiple records in CRM to reflect having different relationships with different organisations. If one of these users entered data in a form then it could find 2 records in CRM. How would it decide which one to use and potentially overwrite?


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