Styling an email template in drag and drop


We are currently using the Drag and Drop editor for our emails - primarily because we need a number of our staff to be able to easily add text and images (very few of whom have any HTML skills).

We have a 'master' template that we use and guide our staff to start with that and then add content accordingly. We found this the best way to have a consistent template across our different campaigns but maintain enough flexibility for local teams to add their own messaging.

However, we are due to launch a new look and feel to our overall campaign from next year and really want to make our email templates look more in-line with the overall campaign. The drag and drop editor is a bit 'blocky' to achieve this as we would ideally like, but equally something like the HTML editor doesn't appear flexible enough to allow colleagues to easily add/change images and text.

Does anyone know if any of the editors offer an ideal solution to this issue?




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