Dismantling CNAME setup?




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    Rickey Jolley

     Hi Teppo, 

    If the Domain record that you have associated with your Web Content Form record has a Sub Domain Alias listed, this will add your CNAME in the Embed options for your form. 

    In the Domain record, remove your Sub Domain Alias. Alternately, you could create a new Domain record with clickdimensions.com as the Domain and then have the SubDomain Alias set to analytics.clickdimensions.com (US data center)) or analytics-eu.clickdimensions.com (EU data center). You'll then associate that Domain record with your Web Content Form record so the Embed Options by default will reference the correct domain.

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    Teppo Nieminen

    There should be a better way than changing all links manually from http://[CNAME domain]/etc to https://analytics-clickdimensions.com/etc.

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