Manual update to 8.10




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    Christopher Fairfax

    I wanted to make sure to highlight the process defined in our help articles, here, as well.

    This article breaks down the recommended Manual Update process step by step:

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    Teppo Nieminen

    I hope you get a better answer from CD people, but the process I'm using involves 

    1. Assigning key ClickDimensions workflows from Service User account to your self
    2. Exporting all customised entities along with their metadata into a new backup solution.
    3. Doing the update
    4. Importing your backup solution into the system
    5. Assigning the CD processes back to the Service User account.
    6. Checking that all relevant workflows are activated and your duplicate detection rules are "on" 

    Considering how often we get updates nowadays, I wish it was either a bit less labour-intensive or that the update would not mess with my settings and customisations. I tend to hop at least 5 minor versions at once.




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    Ahmad Khalil

    Thanks for the reply. i did follow the same procedure. :)

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