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    Allison Fierce

    Hello Anneke,


    The Success field is used to track the success of the receipt of that submission when you utilize Form Capture. 

    Success = Yes means that all of the information came into your CRM correctly

    The Success = No means that your form capture successfully fired the POST request to the URL specified in the Action, but that the form data was not successfully submitted.

    Generally this is the result the Label Values of the form capture fields in CRM/ClickDimensions not matching the name="value" of the input fields in the HTML.

    If you begin to experience Posted Forms where Success = No, we encourage you to review your form captures and reach out in a support ticket if you need assistance. 


    Kind Regards,

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    success means if you have any  thanks page you can take there.

    on error you can show custom parameters to capture it and see how many time you got error

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    Anneke Debock

    Ok, thank you!

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