Suppression List Processing




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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Blake,

    When we process an Email Send, we would first gather all the recipients from your list(s) and then remove anyone who should not receive the email--this would be unsubscribes and should include anyone on your suppressed list. This should be done before the actual recipients list is sent to our email server. 

    Thank you!

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    Blake McGinty

    Example question:  If I want to send an Email Send to members of a marketing list with 5000 people and have a dynamic suppression list with 60000 people on it, clickDimension will only send to the server the members that make it through the suppression process?


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    Allison Fierce

    Hi Blake,


    If the members on the Marketing List are present on the Suppression List at the time of the send, we will exclude them. 

    The size of the suppression list and marketing list will not effect this behavior. 

    If all of the members of the marketing list have been suppressed, we expect the send to fail because it has no valid recipients. 

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