Creating an automation that repeats every week



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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Jon,

    Campaign Automations are intended to help with drip marketing where leads/contacts are nurtured. So we wouldn't advise using a Campaign Automation to automate a weekly send of the same email to the same Marketing List. Typically with a Campaign Automation you'll be sending out a few targeted messages to your contacts/leads over a period of time to encourage interest in your organization.

    What you're describing would be best handled by either creating a bulk Email Send once a week and adding your Marketing List to it. You can use the clone button to clone a previous Send and further cut down on the manual steps needed to get that set up.

    Or you also have the option to use a CRM workflow for a recurring weekly email. We actually have an example of a workflow that sends recurring emails, here: 

    One of those options would be better to use in your scenario, but if you have further questions, please let us know.


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