Errors and lag in email sends (or email events)

In the last two weeks I have had a couple different errors and (though there's an announcement that it's been fixed) I am still experiencing big delays (1.5 hrs+) on either emails sending, or the associated email event being reported. 

First, whenever clicking on any email send (past, outbox, draft, or new) I am getting the following error in all browsers

Secondly, I am unable to send a ClickDimensions quick send, in any browser. I get the following error. 

More currently problematic for me, however, is that I am having big delays (and seemingly inconsistent timing) on email sends and email events being reported. 

Yesterday's email send took 1-1.5 hours to show as delivered (depending on recipient). Today's was sent at 7:40AM Pacific (10:40AM Eastern) and now, over 1.5 hours later, shows no deliveries still. 

Yesterday I also ran a test email and while the email event said it took a while to receive, I received it nearly immediately on my outlook account, but I didn't receive it until 3 hours later on my gmail account. 


Is there any advice on these issues? The fact that they're all springing up at the same time has me a bit concerned, particularly because I am trying to get out 4 bigger email sends tomorrow and an uncertainty of 3 hours (or more?) in the delivery time is very problematic for that. 


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