form field picklist values

We have a Country list field in CRM that is a very long list of countries. I created a list-type form field in ClickDimensions and now want to map the countries to the Lead and the Contact records (Lead Picklist Value & Contact Picklist Value), so that users can choose a country from the list and it will map to either their Lead or Contact record if it exists, or will create a new Lead record if it does not.

When I chose the Contact Picklist Map as our CRM Country List, I answered OK to the pop up window "Would you like to add the selected option values to the list?" and the Country list was populated and mapped to Contact Picklist Value.

Now I want to populate the Lead Picklist Value. But the only way I can see to do this is to answer yes again to the popup, but doing that duplicates the values in the form field picklist! 

How do I get the CRM list to map to both the Contact AND the Lead record?


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