Compliance with EU GDPR



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    Carolynn Carriger

    For those monitoring this thread, we are aware of the new rules (GDPR) and are striving towards compliance. We will provide detailed information as to how this will be achieved at a future date.

    Thank you!

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    Richard Boston

    Hi - I would also be keen to hear how ClickDimensions plans to provide guidance to help customers be compliant with GDPR - please advise?



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    Jo Owen



    I would also be very keen to understand how the tool will help meet the new compliance standards and any guidance you have for customers about becoming compliant.




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    Michael Cullen


    Has there been any response to this question from ClickDimensions?

    I'd also be very interested to know what guidance ClickDimensions will provide to customers.


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    Richard Boston

    None as yet that I've seen Mike however I did speak to our marketing success manager last week and they're looking into what guidance they will provide. However as I understand it, the responsibility will be on us (the client) to describe what we want to do and how we need CD to support us rather than them supplying guidance.

    I will update this thread if anything useful comes back.


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    Michael Cullen

    Thanks very much for the info, Richard. I have read various conflicting reports as to whether B2B email marketing will be impacted in the same way as B2C but would expect some guidance from CD in terms of opt-in, consent, etc.

    Kind regards,

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    Michelle Moore

    To comply we will need to show "provable consent" to receiving email communications for all our subscribers, existing and future.

    Competitors of Click Dimensions such as Communigator have already introduced methods for recording the point of consent by introducing a double opt-in method. Click Dimensions needs to offer something similar.

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    Rhys Saraceni

    Hello Michelle

    Depending on how you are communicating with your customers, there are a number of records, such as Subscription Preferences, that can be used the show provable consent for receiving email communications.

    We also have an article on our help site that shows how to set up double opt in:

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    Michael Cullen

    Hi Michelle,

    Do you know if this applies equally to both B2B and B2C? I have read contradicting views on this as some essentially do not consider business emails to be personal data.


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    Anne Jakobsen

    Besides the subscription preferences in ClickDimensions and the like - I believe that the GDPR is for the largest part about documentation. So for instance if a customer demands to execute his "right to be forgotten" - you need to be able to testify the process you follow in order to have this customers information deleted from your records. Documentation, documentation, documentation - and then the tools like CD and CRM systems are the means and platforms that we need to process in - but without documentation you will not get far.

    Just as a service info: for those who would like to listen in to a short session on GDPR and a Microsoft perspective to this - please follow this link for a registration page for June 26 QBS Talk...


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    Joris Vanderlinden

    May I ask if ClickDimensions foresees any feature that will help us "anonymise" email statistics? Right now the Email Statistics Recipients tab shows for each recipient what they did (open, click). We're interested in open and click rates of our mailings, but don't need (and don't want) to see WHO opened the mail and clicked on what link. It would be great if we could check a box, much like the "Track Email Events" box, that enables us to switch between personal and anonymous tracking.

    Of course we can remove the Contact, Account fields from views and forms, but an Advanced Find will still bring this information to the surface because the links still exist. I would like to be able to switch off the linking of Email Events and Contacts and Accounts.

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    Daniel Boldt

    From a GDPR perspective, Joris' request to have a checkbox to choose the tracking type (personal or anonymous) go in the right direction. Going a bit more in detail, I think the information about data handling (profiling) has to be stored and processed on lead/contact level (e.g. with a checkbox for profiling – true/false). For example, if you have explicit consent for profiling, every email event (open, click) should be available in detail for the according lead/contact. If you do not have consent, information on opens or clicks should only be available anonymized in email sent statistics or email events.

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    Neil Barrett

    Hi All,

    One of the big issues is international transfers. Thankfully ClickD seem to have this covered off already, in that they're part of the EU-US Privacy Shield:

    (Why no-one from ClickD has referenced this in this thread is a mystery)

    I think the main outstanding concern I know have with our continuing usage of ClickD is what process to follow to upload the subjects right to erasure. We can delete from D365 but what is the process to follow to get the data deleted from your cloud servers?

    Is ClickD going to follow the lead of other cloud providers and put model clauses for processing in it's standard T&C's?

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    Ole Dahl Mansfeld

    Also an eager listener as to how we go about doing this right..

    Looking forward to see CD's guidelines.

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    Emma D'Arcy

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to let you know ClickDimensions has published a White Paper on preparing for GDPR:

    We are also putting some new features in place to help you become GDPR compliant. Details of these changes will be announced in our upcoming release and I encourage all those looking for more information on these changes to keep an eye on our announcements page here: 

    We have a blog post on some of the upcoming changes here: 


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