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    Allison Fierce

    Hi Ben,

    We use the ClickDimensions tracking script to attach a cookie to visitors of your webpages. We'll keep track of all visits from that individual and once they've been identified, we associate all of their previous visits to their record.

    You can read more about the identification process here: 



    You could create a custom workflow that sends an email when a new Visit record or Page View is created. Your CRM Admin or CRM partner would be the best resources for creating those. 


    Web tracking data is expected to enter your CRM as it happens, just like your email event statistics. If you are experiencing a delay, please open a support ticket. We'll be happy to investigate further and work with you to resolve the delay. 


    Kind Regards, 

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    Ben Sandall

    Hello Allison

    Thank you for your reply.

    I've created a feature request to include web tracking based on the user who is logged in to the Dynamics portal.

    Thank you. Best Regards


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