Survey should stay on the page where left initially




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    Carolynn Carriger

    Hi Malla,

    When someone has started filling out a survey but doesn't finish, there is not a way for ClickDimensions to see what responses were initially given. The submit button would need to be clicked in order for us to process the survey and store the answers.

    If you want a survey to essentially cache the previous, unsubmitted answers, you could work with a developer on using a script or other method to retain that unsubmitted data.

    Also, the Value field on the Survey Answers can have the character limit altered if you need. As long as you have permission to customize the CRM Form for the Survey Answer record, you can go in and access the field and increase the character limit. You may wish to work on that with your CRM Admin though as it would be a customization in your CRM.

    Thank you!

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    Mallareddy Gurram

    Thank you Carolynn..

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