Campaign automation for event


In a few months, we're having an event for our customers. We would like to use a campaign automation to send emails to customers that signed up for the event as well as to customers that haven't signed up yet. 

On our website, we have a form that customers can fill in if they want to attend the event. After sending the form, they're automatically added to a marketing list by using the 'add to marketing list' option in the actions of the form.

We want to send that specific group a series of emails in the next 3 months. For example with the full programme, the workshops etc. But seperately, we also want to send a series of emails to customers that haven't signed up yet. We want to create two campaign automations: one for participants and one for non-participants.

What if a customer, that didn't sign up yet, signs up within the upcoming 3 months and is automatically added to that 'participants' marketing list? Does this mean this customer starts at the beginning of that campaign automation again (and receives all these emails at once)? Since the content of both series of emails will be roughly the same, except for some small details, we don't want customers that sign up later still get the emails send previously in that campaign. 

The only solution I can think of is creating a marketing list for every seperate email send - did sign up now - and use that as a new entry point in the campaign automation. But that would mean we have to create like 30 different marketing lists with participants. And consequently add those marketing lists as suppression lists to other email sends. Is there any other way to solve this problem, or do we have to do this by hand?

Looking forward to your response.


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