Associating a page with a campaign - how do I get from here to a marketing list?

I just started using the tracking script bonus of adding a campaign association to a specific page.

However, I have learned it's not feasible to create views or filters on leads/contacts that are associated with a specific campaign, unless it's the source campaign.

So first off, I'm curious what the potential benefits of this tracking code could be?

I am starting to remove forms from some content, and if a person already exists in CRM, or they're an anonymous record, it's my belief that they will have this campaign associated to them if they hit this page.

However I'd like to be notified when they do, and even more, add them to a marketing list that triggers a campaign automation (if they are a lead or contact).

I feel like it's possible, I'm just missing some vital part of the process.

What does everyone currently use this campaign tracking script for?



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