Mailing resulst didn't appear for hours?


We sent out a mailing the other day and we noticed that the email was sent immediately as we were getting bounces, we all got the email immediately and the email sends stats were populated immediately. We then sent out another mailing which was sent at 10:30am but the email sends stats is showing no statistics at all. We checked some recipients and return address mailbox and found that we had received the mailing and we were receiving the usual number of bounce-backs. We then decided to check which emails had been sent via the Sent Emails list but as far as the list was concerned not a single email had been sent even though we know that at the every least a few hundred were sent.


We wonder if the emails are sent straight away but CRM doesn’t report this until a significant amount of time later. It took just under 5hrs after we sent the mailing for the stats and the sent emails to be visible visible. Not sure what the delay is…can you help?


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